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Wednesday a.m. stuff

As would be expected, most of the Rangers news today swirls around the managerial search...

The Daily Herald in Chicago says that Don Wakamatsu could be the front-runner for the job, while suggesting that Joe Girardi isn't likely to be in the picture.

In a New York Newsday article on Lou Piniella, in which I lost count of the number of things Piniella sound that I don't believe, Piniella is mentioned as a possibility for the Rangers job, although as I've said before, I'd be surprised if he's a candidate here.

Ron Washington says he's interested in managing the Rangers.

A new name to keep in mind is Mets third base coach Manny Acta...the Rangers have reportedly contacted the Mets about him...

New York Newsday says Acta is likely to be a candidate for the Rangers, Giants and Nationals jobs...

I know nothing about Acta, other than what is in those two articles I just linked. I'd never heard of him before today.

Kevin Sherrington has a column on the managerial situation today, although the focus is really on Tom Hicks, his tendency to be attracted to style over substance (thus explaining his fascination with John Hart), and the need for Hicks to leave the managerial decision in Jon Daniels' hands.