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Friday morning things

All the news today, once again, deals with the ongoing managerial search...

Randy Galloway says he understands why the move was made, and admits he was wrong when he said that if Buck were fired, it would be because Hicks wanted to sell more tickets.

Galloway admits to not knowing much about any of the four managerial candidates, but seems to like Wakamatsu and Hillman. He also says, though, that with Buck being axed, this is now Jon Daniels' team, and the team's success or failure is on him.

Meanwhile, reports from the Bay Area say that the Rangers have requested formal permission to interview Ron Washington, while the New York press is reporting that the Rangers are waiting until after the postseason is over to ask permission to interview Manny Acta.

And the L.A. Times says Jim Fregosi wants to manage again, and his agent has contacted the Rangers on Fregosi's behalf. Doesn't sound like he's on the Rangers short-list, though.