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A complaint

Why is it that TV commercials, shows, etc. have to have men referring to "the big game," or saying that they are going to/have to "watch the big game."

No real sports fan talks about "the big game." That word is not in the real sports fan's vernacular.

A real sports fan either can refer to a "big game" in several ways. He might say he's going to watch "the Super Bowl" or "Game 7" or "the Championship." Or he might just refer to the team name, in certain circumstances, foregoing "watch" and any other description whatsoever..."I can't go over there at 3 p.m., that's the Cowboys." Or he may just call it "the game," because if it is truly a "big game," whomever he is speaking to is going to know what "the game" is.

But no real sports fan says he's going to "watch the big game."

And these writers who are putting that dialogue in actors' mouths, in shows or ads or whatever, must obviously be a bunch of WoW geeks who know nothing about sports.

Or else they wouldn't keep writing dialogue that stupid.