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New T.R. Sullivan mailbag up

T.R. Sullivan has a new mailbag column up. Some comments...

Sullivan compares the Rangers' situation to Detroit's, and says this about the pen:

Bullpen -- The Tigers have a lights-out bullpen. This is the one area in which the Rangers could duplicate next year with Akinori Otsuka, Nick Masset, Josh Rupe, Frank Francisco, Scott Feldman, Kameron Loe and C.J. Wilson. No, they can't throw 100 mph like Joel Zumaya. But the Rangers ought to be able to put a good bullpen together next year from what they have to work with.

As I mentioned this morning, I think the Rangers' bullpen was probably just as lights out this year as Detroit's.

A question about right field:

Any chance Victor Diaz will get a starting job in right field?
-- Mark B., Cicero, Ill.

He should be the Rangers' right fielder. If you're not willing to be patient while Nelson Cruz develops into a right fielder, then don't complain about the Tigers winning with Craig Monroe and Marcus Thames -- two former Rangers -- in their lineup.

Not sure if there's a typo there, or what happened...but I expect Cruz, not Diaz, will be the right fielder next year, with Diaz in AAA as the callup should something happen.

Sullivan also suggests that the Rangers need great pitching to win with Jason Botts as their DH, and says that while the Rangers are interested in David Dellucci, both Dellucci and Botts will not be on the Texas roster next year -- it would be one or the other.