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Francisco Liriano bails on his rehab

Not good news for the Minnesota Twins, as Francisco Liriano has apparently gotten frustrated with his rehab process, and has left the Twins' facilities:

Twins pitcher Francisco Liriano, the injured left-hander the team hopes will be a major part of next year's starting rotation, quit his rehabilitation program over the weekend, left the team's rehab facility in Fort Myers, Fla., and the team doesn't know when he'll return, Twins general manager Terry Ryan said by phone from Fort Myers on Tuesday.

Liriano, a dominant rookie who went 12-3 before an elbow injury derailed his season, has traveled to Miami to meet with his agent, Ryan said.

"I don't think he was pleased. I don't know if it was the therapy,'' said Ryan, who is in Fort Myers this week for the Twins' annual organizational meetings. "He just doesn't feel right. But that pretty much was to be expected, according to our people here, Dr. (John) Steubs and Dr. (Dan) Buss.''

It's unclear whether Liriano is seeking surgery to repair the elbow ligament that has been diagnosed with a strain.

My favorite part was Ryan saying, "I don't think he was pleased."

Gee, ya think?