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Why I am boycotting Holiday Inn, or, another dumb marketing tie-in by MLB

Okay, it is bad enough that Holiday Inn has stupid commercials running constantly during the playoffs, like this stupid commercial, and this one, which feature the annoying, sanctimonious Joe Buck and his giant eggplant-shaped head and scary eyebrows.

(And by the way, Joe Buck's eyebrows in HD are truly a sight to behold. Instead of those nature documentaries they always show, Best Buy and those places should run a constant loop of Joe Buck's head on their floor model HDTVs to show customers how different the HD experience is).

Joe Buck irritates me because he acted like a whining little bee-atch during the Randy Moss fake-mooning episode -- I expected a Hindenburg-esque "Oh, the humanity" at the end of Buck's histrionics -- but had no problem interviewing Leon, a freaking fake beer-commercial joke, in the middle of a damn playoff game. And also because people who get where they are in life because they are members of the Lucky Sperm Club rub me the wrong way (and let's not pretend that, if his name were Joe Johnson and he didn't have a famous daddy, he'd be Fox's #1 play-by-play guy). make it worse, Holiday Inn is sponsoring the dumbest MLB award ever. You can read about it here, although be warned that the language in the post would get it an R-rating.

If you want the boring, description, you can go here.

Holiday Inn is sponsoring the "Role Player of the Year" award, with a player from each team nominated.

Fire Joe Morgan, of course, argues that it should be named the "David Eckstein Award" and is intended to be given to the grittiest white player in the majors each year.

I'm just baffled that Nick Johnson (who had an MVP-caliber year in 2006, and was better than his teammate, Alfonso Soriano), Brian Shouse, Jason Tyner, and Jake Westbrook could all be nominated for the same award.

What in the hell is this about? How did this happen? Who are the Ad Wizards that came up with this one?

And as Fire Joe Morgan asks, how did Darin Erstad get left off the list of nominees?

You know what, I think SBNation needs to sponsor a major league award. We should have the SBNation "Mediocrity of the Year" Award. Each blogger would nominate a player from his or her team that, they feel, epitomized utter mediocrity that season, and we could put it up to a vote.

The winner could be given a panoply of mediocre prizes...a brand new Subaru Legacy, a year's supply of Oly beer, a Sharp 26" television. Maybe even a guest shot on "The War at Home," which, last night's rain delay taught me, is the most mediocre show on television.