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The Big Tuesday thing

Normally, I have a blog post in the morning summarizing whatever Rangers news is out there.

But there's only one significant piece of news out there today, and really, it isn't even news.

The Big Meeting is tonight. Jon Daniels, Tom Hicks, and Buck Showalter meet to discuss, among other things, Buck Showalter's future with the club.

And until that meeting takes place, there's not a whole lot to say.

There's nothing new out there on this front. Daniels and Hicks aren't talking. It is now just a waiting game.

I think he's gone, of course. I thought that a couple of weeks ago, and given the way Daniels and Hicks have been talking the last few days, I think it is a given. I think Hicks will give Buck an opportunity to resign, to say that he's choosing to step down, and take a lucrative buyout. And if he doesn't do that, I think he'll be fired.

I just don't see, after the comments Hicks has made last week, that Buck can come back.