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Harold Reynolds to sue ESPN, and Harold Reynolds trivia

Harold Reynolds is going to sue ESPN over his firing.

Reynolds says he wants to "clear my name." Not sure that starting litigation over what was supposedly some rather unseemly behavior is really the way to go about this, but hey, it is his life...

And because this story is in the news today, I'm going to ask a Harold Reynolds-themed trivia question.

Same rules as always...your guess is using just your brain, no Googling, going to baseball websites, etc. allowed.

Today's trivia question...

Harold Reynolds led the American League in steals in 1987, with 60. He was second in the majors that year in steals, with Vince Coleman blowing everyone else away with 109 steals.

2 other American Leaguers, and 4 other National Leaguers, had between 50 and 59 steals that season.

Name them.

Update [2006-10-31 13:11:20 by Adam J. Morris]: -- I'll even give you a hint...probably the most obscure of the six players spent some time with the Rangers, albeit not in 1987...

Update [2006-10-31 14:31:34 by Adam J. Morris]: -- Another hint...Rickey Henderson missed about 60 games in 1987 with an injury, and had only 41 steals on the season.

Update [2006-10-31 17:54:50 by Adam J. Morris]: -- The correct the A.L., it was Willie Wilson and former Ranger Gary Redus. In the N.L., Billy Hatcher, Tim Raines, Tony Gwynn, and Eric Davis.