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Mariners out on Matsuzaka?

The Seattle Times has an item on the Matsuzaka posting, saying that the Mariners aren't expected to make a real strong push for him, given the high posting price and the fact that Scott Boras is Matsuzaka's agent.

The more I think about it, the more I think that Matsuzaka's posting price is going to end up being a lot lower than folks think...

I saw somewhere, that the over/under was thought to be about $33 million. Given that you have to pay Matsuzaka on top of that -- and given that anything less than about 5 years, $75 million would likely result in Matsuzaka returning to Seibu next yaer -- I can't imagine that the winning bid is going to be that high.

My guess is that the winning bidder for the posting will come in at $15-20 million.