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Buck refused to resign

According to Jim Reeves, Buck refused to resign when asked by Hicks and Daniels, and is refusing to be at the press conference this afternoon:

The Rangers fired manager Buck Showalter late Tuesday after he declined a request from owner Tom Hicks and GM Jon Daniels that he resign, a source told the Star-Telegram this morning.

The source also said that Showalter had said no when Hicks asked him to sit with them at today's news conference announcing his dismissal.

Neither Hicks nor Daniels could be reached for comment. The news conference is expected later this afternoon.

"I'm not a quitter," Showalter said two days before Tuesday's meeting. "I'm not going to voluntarily walk away from this. I have a job I'm trying to do."

Showalter was fired after four years at the helm of a team that failed to rise above third place in the American League West.

Showalter learned his fate Tuesday night after arriving at Hicks' house for dinner, over which he expected to discuss the team's future with Hicks and general manager Daniels.

Expect Buck's official p.r. guy, Peter Gammons, to have a column up ripping Hicks and Daniels in the near future...