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Revisiting community projections -- Vicente Padilla

You may recall that we did community projections for various Rangers before the season. Over the next month, I'll re-visit the projections, one every couple of days, and see how we did as a group.

First up is Vicente Padilla:

The average of the projections was 4.33 ERA, 189 1/3 IP, and 14 wins.

The most optimistic in each category was 3.78, 220, and 18.

The most pessimistic in each category was 4.80, 170, and 12.

Padilla actually gave the Rangers a 4.50 ERA, 200 IP, and 15 wins.

Pretty good job there on the projection...he was at 4.27, 189 2/3 IP and 14 wins with two starts to go. If they'd shut him down then, we'd pretty much have hit it on the nose.

Anyway...I want to see Padilla back next year.

Update [2006-10-6 14:24:5 by Adam J. Morris]: -- Per requests, here is the original Padilla prediction thread.