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Wednesday a.m. stuff

NBA started last night, and as a Mavs fan, I had mixed emotions watching the Heat get stomped the night they got their rings. The Heat played so poorly last night, I think Pat Riley is going to fire Stan Van Gundy again.

The San Jose Mercury News says that GMJ is a top priority for the Giants, with San Fran wanting to add him so they can slide Randy Winn to a corner slot. If the Giants signed GMJ, the Rangers would get their 2nd round pick, not their first (unless, of course, the Giants also signed a higher-ranked Type A free agent, in which case Texas would get their 3rd rounder).

The Mercury News article also says that the Giants aren't going to offer Barry Bonds arbitration. If they don't, I'd like to see the Rangers get in on him.

Per Kat O'Brien in the S-T, GMJ's agent is calling the interest in his client "overwhelming." More and more, it sounds like GMJ is going to get overpaid, and by another club...

Evan Grant reports that the Rangers made him a two year offer last month, but that GMJ and his agent passed. If the Rangers only were willing to go two years, I have to think that the team is prepared to let him walk.

Also per Grant, during Trey Hillman's interview with the Rangers yesterday, Hillman met with Tom Hicks. Hicks was only going to meet with the finalists, and Grant indicates that Hicks is also going to meet with Don Wakamatsu and, most likely, Ron Washington, so I think we have a pretty good idea who the top three candidates are at this point.

Washington interviewed with the A's yesterday, and Hillman is interviewing with them today. The San Francisco Chronicle has this quote about Hillman from former Ranger assistant g.m. Grady Fuson:

"That was a key hire for me, and Trey was the whole package," Fuson said by phone from San Diego, where he is now the vice president of scouting and player development. "The minute I interviewed him, it was a done deal -- and for me to hire someone I didn't know in that job was a big deal. But Trey's personality, people skills, planning ability, attention to detail -- it would be hard to find better. He's someone who makes sure things get done."