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Tigers land Gary Sheffield

The Yanks got a really nice return on Gary Sheffield today, sending him to the Tigers for three pitching prospects, one of whom is Humberto Sanchez.

Sanchez was the #9 prospect in the Eastern League, per BA, having a breakout year this season for the Tigers. The other two pitchers are Kevin Whelan and Anthony Claggett.

Sanchez is probably roughly analogous to Edinson Volquez. So think of this as if the Rangers had given up Volquez, along with a couple of decent live arms of the, say, Johnny Lujan variety, for Sheffield.

Update [2006-11-10 19:47:48 by Adam J. Morris]: -- Our friend Bart at BTB has his take up...he points out that the Tigers are dealing from an area they can afford to give up (pitching prospects), and likes the Yanks' haul, but doesn't like the extension the Tiggers gave Sheffield....

Update [2006-11-10 20:49:28 by Adam J. Morris]: -- Derek Zumsteg thinks the Tigers overpaid.