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Saturday a.m. stuff

A few notes this morning...

Don Wakamatsu is returning to the Rangers in 2007. He'll be the third base coach and catching instructor, and the only other slot remaining -- first base coach -- is expected to be filled by Gary Pettis.

Jim Reeves quotes Tom Hicks as saying the Rangers will not sign Barry Bonds.

That's too bad. I've hoped that the Rangers would target a big bat this offseason, but two prime choices -- Bonds and Gary Sheffield -- are now out.

There are lots of conflicting reports out there on Matsuzaka, and I don't see much need in re-hashing them all. I will say, though, that if the Rangers did bid $22 million for him, I can't fault the team for their effort. That would be a strong bid, and one that I would have thought, going in, would have likely been enough to get him.

In various papers today, the Mets and Phillies are both identified as being interested in Mark DeRosa, the Cubs are supposedly talking about Vicente Padilla, and there is more talk of the Angels' interest in GMJ.