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A few other things on Brian Anderson

For what it is worth...

Coming into the 2006 season, Anderson was the ChiSox's #2 prospect, behind Bobby Jenks, and was ranked #51 on the BA top 100 list, ahead of all three of DVD. Presumably, he'd have been the #1 prospect in the Rangers system, if he'd been a Ranger prospect.

Anderson was awful last season -- particularly the first half of the year. The K rate is scary.

And yet, I find it hard to believe that he's fallen so far, so fast, that he wouldn't be worth giving up Nick Masset to get, particularly given the hole the Rangers have in centerfield.

Between him and Freddy Guzman, you'd think that one of those guys could give you a halfway decent performance out there in 2007.

Update [2006-11-14 17:11:38 by Adam J. Morris]: -- One other thing worth pointing out...Anderson is only two months older than Masset...