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Weird blog entry at Cleveland Plain-Dealer site

I saw this weird blog entry at the Cleveland Plain-Dealer site, which I thought was interesting for a couple of things.


Ruben Amaro, Phillies assistant GM, on new Tribe second baseman Jesse Barfield: "He's a good all-around player who has a knack for coming through in the clutch."

Jesse, of course, is the father of new Tribe second baseman Josh Barfield. It kinda would have to suck to constantly get called by the wrong name like that.

And second...

When one NL West GM heard Boston's bid on Matsuzaka was a reported $42 million, he said, "That's more than our whole payroll."

I'm not sure why the author is being cagey about the identity of the N.L. West G.M., since it isn't that hard to take a look and figure out what N.L. West team has a $42 million payroll, and thus figure out who the anonymous g.m. really is.