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George Michael the singer gets exclusive use of his name back

Sad news for those of you who are into really bad syndicated programs that show sports video clips on a cheesy set...

The George Michael Sports Machine is going off the air as of March, 2007.

Personally, the only reason the George Michael Sports Machine ever registered on my radar was because of the name confusion issue with George Michael, former Wham!mer and now solo artist. I remember stumbling across the show on the TV listings late one night, and thinking, "Man, George must be desperate...has he already run through all the royalties from the "Faith" album?"

"Faith," incidentally, was a great album, and I will brook no disagreement on this issue.

Anyway, no big loss here, other than lame radio sports talk losing a throwaway joke that was pretty played out anyway.

But this does bring up something wife and I, both of whom were teenagers in the 80s, saw this video the other night, and wondered why on Earth we weren't able to figure out back then that George Michael the singer was gay...