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Garland about to be deal to Texas?

Ken Rosenthal has a story just up, reporting that a "rival executive" says that the ChiSox are about to deal Jon Garland, with Rosenthal suggesting that the Rangers are the likely destination.

It is a lot of rumor and speculation, no facts, as of now...but a deal with Garland and Brian Anderson coming to Texas would make sense. Garland is under contract through 2008, and is owed $10 million next year and $12 million for 2008.

Rosenthal indicates John Danks would "likely" be part of any such deal. I'd rather not trade Danks...I'd rather see something like Akinori Otsuka and Nick Masset going to Chicago, and Danks stay here, but Danks might have to be part of a package to get a deal done.