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Something to think about regarding trading prospects

I just want to throw this out there...

I know there is a natural reluctance to trade prospects. Doing that repeatedly, without being willing to support a $90-100 million payroll, is a good way to turn into the Baltimore Orioles.

However...the Rangers are in a pretty good position to re-stock the farm system this offseason.

Let's say the Rangers:

  1. Lose Carlos Lee to the Astros
  2. Lose GMJ to the Angels
  3. Do not sign a Type A free agent
In that case, the Rangers would likely have the #16, #17, and #24 overall picks in the draft in 2007 (assuming neither Anaheim nor Houston signed a higher rated Type A free agent).

The Rangers would also have four or five sandwich picks (depending on whether or not they re-sign Vicente Padilla), which means they would be looking at 7 or 8 picks in the top 60-70 or so selections.

While the draft is something of a crapshoot, that's a very good start to replacing any prospects the Rangers end up dealing this offseason.