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Sunday a.m. things

Surprisingly quiet morning out there on the rumor front...usually, you see a lot of things in the Sunday notes columns, but I guess the g.m. meetings this week meant everyone was out of gas by Sunday...

Bill Madden reports that the Red Sox and Rangers have been discussing a Manny Ramirez trade, with the BoSox targeting Akinori Otsuka as part of the return for Manny. Madden also suggests that, for Manny to waive his 10/5 rights, whomever trades for him might have to agree to pick up the $20 million option for 2009.

Madden also reports that, having lost out of Daisuke Matsuzaka and with Tom Glavine seeming set on returning to Atlanta, the Mets are preparing to moneywhip Barry Zito, and seem willing to meet Scott Boras's $15 million per year asking price. Another reason for Rangers fans not to get their hopes up on Zito coming to Texas...

The Boston Globe also mentions that the BoSox have been contacted by the Rangers about Manny. That article also says that the BoSox would be interested in Michael Young. I'm sure they would...and the Rangers would be interested in Jonathon Papelbon and Josh Beckett.

Ken Davidoff has a few Rangers related items:

There's a buzz lurking that Soriano would prefer to stay on the East Coast, but Soriano loved playing in Texas, except for the Buck Showalter part. If the Angels bid highest, you've got to figure Soriano will head west. He once was a winter league teammate of Vladimir Guerrero.

* * *

As the White Sox dangle their starting pitchers in trade discussions, the Rangers, who have a bevy of young pitching, seem to be a better fit than the Mets and Yankees.

My thoughts here...

  1. In case I haven't mentioned it, I'm really glad Buck Showalter is gone.
  2. I'd love to see the Angels give Soriano something like 6 years, $100 million.
  3. I wish the Rangers and Chicago would make a trade, or not make a trade, but just get it over with.