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Dodgers, Pierre reportedly agree on deal

Jerry Crasnick reports that the Dodgers have agreed on a five year deal for Juan Pierre worth $44-45 million.

I would say "unbelievable," but at this point, none of these deals are unbelievable anymore.

I wouldn't be surprised at this point if GMJ gets 5 years, $65 million, if Adam Eaton and Gil Meche each get Darren Dreifort money (5 years, $55 million), if Alex Rodriguez actually does opt out of his contract after 2007 because he can make more money.

If teams are going to regularly start setting payrolls in the $100-150 million range, then it may be that our assumptions of what is reasonable, contract-wise, will have to be adjusted, along with our belief that an $80 million payroll for the Rangers will keep them competitive.