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Ogondo, Murray added to 40 man roster

T.R. Sullivan reports that the Rangers have added A.J. Murray and Alexi Ogondo to the 40 man roster.

Ogondo pitched in the Dominican Summer League last year, making him a bit of an odd choice to be added to the 40 man, because of the magnitude of the jump that he'd have to make to stick as a Rule 5 choice.

Murray had impressed in 2003, then underwent shoulder surgery in 2004, was okay, not great, in 2005, then missed 2006 due to injury, although he's been pitching in the Arizona Fall League. If the Rule 5 rules hadn't changed, Murray might have been exposed, but with guys like John Danks and Thomas Diamond able to be left off the roster another season, I think it may have provided enough room on the 40 man to plug Murray in.