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Tuesday things

Bill Madden says that a "bidding war" has erupted between the Astros and the Orioles for Carlos Lee, in the aftermath of the ridiculous Alfonso Soriano deal.

Gordon Edes in the Boston Globe says that the BoSox have been talking to the Rangers about a Manny Ramirez deal involving Mike Young, but says that the Rangers don't appear interested. Edes also says that the Angels are looking at giving GMJ 5 years, $55 million.

The Providence Journal claims that the Rangers and BoSox began talks on a Ramirez for Young trade several weeks ago, but that that died down once Buck Showalter was fired, claiming that Buck was the big Manny Ramirez supporter.

That doesn't make a lot of sense to me, though...I can't imagine that Jon Daniels was interested in making a Manny deal, but then once he axed Buck, he lost interest. I also have a hard time believing that the Rangers would seriously consider a Young for Manny trade.

The Chicago Tribune reports that the ChiSox are still looking at a trade with the Rangers, targeting John Danks, Eric Hurley and Nick Masset if they were to part with one of their starting ptichers.

The Tribune also says that Dave Roberts is looking for more than the two year deal the ChiSox are willing to give him.