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Daniels on the Cat

T.R. Sullivan has a piece with Jon Daniels' comments on Frank Catalanotto coming back to Texas.

Daniels says Cat was brought he to play some corner outfield and DH some, not be a utility player. I think that's more or less true, although I also don't think Cat will get more than about 400-450 plate appearances next year.

Sullivan also has the Rangers as pursuing Ted Lilly, Miguel Batista and Randy Wolf, while backing off on Jeff Suppan and Gil Meche.

There also seems to be an acknowledgement that GMJ won't be back next year, which isn't any big surprise.

I saw something earlier today that indicated that Daniels, in an interview on the radio this afternoon, suggested that Nelson Cruz might be a possibility in centerfield.

That's interesting, if true...Cruz seems like he might have the athleticism to handle centerfield. If nothing else, it might offer the potential to have a Cruz/Fab 5 Freddy split of the centerfield time, with Wilkerson, Cat and Jason Botts in the corner outfield and DH slots when Cruz is in center.