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Wednesday morning stuff

Just a few items out there to flag...

Gil LeBreton likes the Cat signing. I'm a little surprised that it is getting praise -- I was expecting to see Jim Reeves or someone like that with a column lampooning the Rangers for being cheap, for letting other teams improve while they were signing bottom-tier free agents. But LeBreton points out that the Rangers got a reasonably priced leadoff hitter, and are better off letting GMJ go than paying what he's likely to get.

The S-T also says, for what it is worth, that Jon Daniels is talking about Nelson Cruz or Brad Wilkerson possibly moving to center field for 2007.

The Angels are reportedly about to sign GMJ, for 5 years, $55 million. Yeah, good luck with that...

Evan Grant says the Rangers' interest in Dave Roberts is cooling, likely because he is going to want more years and money than the Rangers want to commit to. It sounds like they will look at Kenny Lofton or Jay Payton on a one year deal.