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Friday things

Just a quick blog entry this morning, to get caught up on a couple of things...

No real news on the Rangers front, other than reactions to the ridiculous GMJ contract.

Keith Law says that 2006 was a fluke, and is also not a believer that GMJ is a plus defensive centerfielder.

Richard Durrett reports that the Rangers talks with GMJ broke off last week, which seems to coincide with when they made their big push on the Cat.

Halo's Heaven tries to look on the bright side, seeking a silver lining in what they call the team's worst free agent since at least Mo Vaughn, and possibly since Joe Rudi. Also per Halo's Heaven, GMJ got a no-trade clause for the first three years of the deal.

Richard Durrett blogs on the possible alternatives for the Rangers in CF in 2007.

Adam Eaton's situation is discussed in depth in the Seattle Times...Eaton apparently is getting 3 year, $24 million offers already, and it sounds like Seattle is going to offer him a four year deal.

What's amazing is, the Rangers could have probably locked up Eaton before the season for 3 years, $24 million, which I thought was a ridiculous contract offer. Eaton then gets hurt, doesn't pitch that great when he comes back, and he's likely to make even more than that. Unbelievable.