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Median lineup performance

There was some discussion in the comments to my payroll/lineup projection post about whether the particular spots offer average production, or if they are above average/below average.

For the sake of reference, here is the median average, OBP, slugging, and OPS from each spot in the lineup for the A.L. in 2006:

#1 -- .283/.347/.418, 770 OPS
#2 -- .288/.341/.416, 759 OPS
#3 -- .279/.353/.453, 801 OPS
#4 -- .276/.366/.499, 860 OPS
#5 -- .291/.354/.471, 828 OPS
#6 -- .264/.317/.431, 749 OPS
#7 -- .264/.313/.428, 744 OPS
#8 -- .255/.315/.381, 698 OPS
#9 -- .258/.308/.362, 674 OPS

I'm using the median figure for each of the four categories, which means that the individual OBP and slugging likely won't total to exactly the median OPS.

And I used median because it is easy to calculate, and I didn't want to spend my entire Saturday plugging numbers into a spreadsheet.

If I can find, or if someone can link me to, the appropriate multipliers for adjusting the numbers to the Rangers' home park, I will do another post to show what those numbers would be adjusted to for a player playing half his games in TBIA.

Update [2006-11-25 20:1:54 by Adam J. Morris]: -- Scott Lucas has an excellent summary on the Rangers' performance by lineup slot, as well. Check it out...