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Sunday things

The S-T has a brief blurb on Rod Barajas fixing to sign with the Jays:

The Rangers have not been officially informed that catcher Rod Barajas is close to signing a two-year deal with the Blue Jays. But it has no effect on their plans for the 2007 season.

Oh, snap...

Jim Reeves takes Tom Hicks and Jon Daniels to task, for not having signed any pitching yet this offseason, and for not foreseeing the market explosion this offseason and getting some of their free agents signed during the season, rather than letting them become free agents.

Reeves also says that if the Rangers are willing to trade John Danks, then "it tells me they badly misjudged his value all along." I'm not sure I understand that comment.

On his blog, T.R. Sullivan has this item on Tim Hudson:

The Atlanta Braves are trying to trade pitcher Tim Hudson but a Rangers official said, "There are a lot of red flags there."

Hudson looked like the safest bet of any young pitcher out there a few years ago, but he was awful last year, and the Braves appear to be quietly, but determinedly, trying to move him. When the Braves decide they want to move a pitcher, that alone would seem to send up red flags.