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One other comment on the corner OF/DH situation

To follow up on some of the discussion about the Ranger lineup, and in particular, about the question marks on the corner outfield and DH slots...

At this point, the Rangers have four options for those slots -- five if you include Victor Diaz. I think you know what you are going to get from Cat. The organization seems fairly confident that Brad Wilkerson is going to be productive now that he's had his shoulder surgery. Which leaves Nelson Cruz -- whom the organization has been high on since the day he arrived -- and Jason Botts, who has hit everywhere he's been.

I tend to believe that, barring something falling in their laps, the Rangers are going to go to spring training with that group (and realistically, there's not really much else left out there that would represent much an improvement).

That said, if Wilkerson isn't healthy, if Cruz looks lost at the plate, if Botts breaks his hand again, I expect that the Rangers will be willing and able to make a deal in spring training to add a bat (particularly since they can release Wilkerson before Opening Day and pay him just 20% of his salary).

And once the season starts, if Wilkerson is healthy and productive, if Cruz and Botts hit the way the team thinks they can, then you don't really need another bat at those slots.

But if that's not the case, then, much like this past season, I expect that if the Rangers are in the race, they'll target a bat during the summer.

And personally, I'd much rather see the Rangers address their starting pitching situation this winter, and then add a bat, if need be, this summer, than be shopping for a starting pitcher this summer.

Because the cost of adding a bat mid-season is generally a lot less than the cost of adding a quality starting pitcher, come the All Star Break.