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Friday stuff

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Several things of interest out there today...

Daisuke Matsuzaka has been posted, and teams have until 5 p.m. on Wednesday to submit their bids. According to the USA Today, the Seattle Mariners will not be involved in the bidding, with g.m. Bill Bavasi announcing that the team has decided to pass on Matsuzaka.

Jan Hubbard is reporting in the S-T that the managerial announcement could come as soon as Monday, and that Don Wakamatsu is still thought to be the favorite.

If I had to guess, at this point, I'd say that Wakamatsu is the hire here, Hillman ends up in San Diego, and Washington ends up managing Oakland.

Hubbard also says that the Cubs are apparently targeting Mark DeRosa to be their starting second baseman in 2007. My position has been that DeRosa was unlikely to return, because some other team was likely to be willing to make him a starting infielder, and pay him accordingly. It doesn't make sense for the Rangers to pay him like a starting infielder, if they are going to use him as a utility man, and DeRosa is unlikely to return in a utility role if he can start elsewhere.

Word out of L.A. suggests the Angels are the leading candidate to land GMJ, who attended high school in L.A. and who still has family out there. The linked article has quotes from GMJ's agent, talking about how exciting the idea of playing center, between Vlad and Garret Anderson, is to his client.

Reports out of Chicago and Colorado, meanwhile, suggest the price of GMJ has the ChiSox and Rockies unlikely to be serious contenders.