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Ken Rosenthal notes

Ken Rosenthal has a new notes column up, with the lead item being the managerial situations.

Rosenthal has Wakamatsu and Ron Washington as the two leading candidates to take over in Texas, with Trey Hillman's salary requirements a deterrent for bringing him here.

Rosenthal also suggests that the Nationals have botched their managerial search, and that the Dodgers may be willing to shop Brad Penny.

Not sure what the Dodgers would want for Penny, but if they were going to put him on the market, I'd like the Rangers to be in on Rosenthal points out:

While Penny's uneven temperament frustrates the Dodgers, his contract - $7.5 million next season, $8.5 million in 2008 and an $8.75 million option or $2 million buyout in '09 - will look downright reasonable once the off-season spending spree begins...