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Cordero blasts the Rangers

I don't know about you, but in ranking the players traded to the Brewers for Carlos Lee in the order of the likelihood that they'd rip the Rangers, I had Mench first, Nix second, and Francisco Cordero a distant third.

Which is why I shouldn't bet, since Francisco Cordero has let loose on the organization:

"They did not think about what I did for so long," Cordero told The Associated Press on Friday. "In Texas, they made stupid changes that didn't make sense. Lee is a free agent and now he's leaving. That's why the manager [Buck Showalter] isn't there anymore."

Wow...with insightful baseball analysis like that, should the pitching thing not work out for Cordero, he could probably replace Gerry Fraley at the DMN or take Jeff Brantley's vacated BBTN chair on ESPN...