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Thursday a.m. things

Again, pretty quiet out there today on the Rangers front...

Tim Cowlishaw wants to know when we're going to see some Rangers activity, and suggesting that Jon Daniels has gotten something of a free pass from the media because he's been much more accessible to them than John Hart ever was.

A report out of Philly has Pat Gillick denying that he's talked to the Rangers about Pat Burrell, who has a no-trade clause and is supposedly only willing to waive it to go to Boston, New York, or a winning West Coast team.

The Phillies also backed out of a deal for setup man Joe Borowski, due to concerns that arose from his physical, which means that Philly may be more inclined to pursue a deal for a Ranger reliever...I wonder what the Phillies would want for, say, Aaron Rowand and the itinerant lefty Fabio Castro...

And the Star-Ledger says the Yankees have talked to Vicente Padilla, but that he's more of a backup plan if they can't land Andy Pettitte or Ted Lilly.

In the L.A. Times, GMJ disagrees with those mean old "internet columnists" who say he was a terrible signing.

And Buster Olney today suggests that Luis Gonzalez would be a good fit for the Rangers, although I don't really see how, now that they have the Cat.