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Rangers interview Washington, and decision coming soon

T.R. Sullivan reports that the Rangers did their second interview with Ron Washington on Sunday, but there's not really any new news on the managerial front.

Washington, Trey Hillman, and Don Wakamatsu are the finalists, with Jon Daniels saying that he expects to have a decision early this coming week, but it still appears to be up in the air about who the hire will be.

I'm beginning to think that, despite the reports that he's the front-runner, Wakamatsu won't be the guy. It seems like, if the organization was that convinced that he was the guy, Washington wouldn't have been brought back this weekend, and Hicks wouldn't have met with Hillman.

I'm thinking it will be Hillman or Washington.

Update [2006-11-5 23:48:29 by Adam J. Morris]: -- One other thing...a quote from Sullivan's article:

Hillman has an offer to return to the Fighters at a salary of over $1 million, and that's likely to be much more than the Rangers can afford.

That's crap. The Rangers can afford that. It may be more than Tom Hicks wants to spend, when he's still on the hook for that huge extension he foolishly gave Buck Showalter as a reward for a third place season back in 2004, but the team can afford it.