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Monday morning stuff

Yay!!! No more daily updates about who the next Rangers manager is going to be!!!

There's some Ron Washington stuff in posts last night, and Jan Hubbard has a short piece in the S-T about it. It includes this potentially ominous line, though:

If he takes the job, Washington will take over for Buck Showalter, who was fired in early October.

IF? Ugh...I don't want to even think about what a fiasco this would be if it turns out Washington hasn't accepted the job, and goes back to Oakland...

The Bergen Record mentions the Rangers in the Matsuzaka hunt:

According to a report from Japan, the Texas Rangers could emerge as the high bidder, though the Yankees are said to be formulating a competitive bid.

The New York Daily News again mentions the Rangers as a team that has expressed interest to the Yanks in Gary Sheffield.

And in the Detroit News this morning, baseball writer Lynn Hennings says he likes the Tigers chances of doing a Bonderman for Teixeira deal.

Ugh. No Teixeira trades.