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Others taking pot-shots at Hicks

Scott Ostler, in the San Francisco Chronicle today, talks about teams that might be interested in Barry Bonds (in the context of his premise that Bonds has few options besides going back to San Fran), and takes a few shots at the Rangers and Tom Hicks in the process:

So which teams are often irrational and desperate to move up after years of stupid spending and heartache? Rangers and Orioles?

The Rangers have a colorful history of bad free-agent signings. They're still paying off Honus Wagner's contract.

The Orioles have become a comfy stop for alleged steroid guys, and I'm not saying that would help or hurt Bonds. I'm simply saying they don't ask a lot of nosy questions in Baltimore.

All it takes is one delusional owner outside San Francisco to make this a bidding war, and the Rangers and Orioles qualify.