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Donovan on the free agents

SI's John Donovan looks at ten free agents, and makes his best estimate of what it will take to land them.

Not surprisingly, there are three Rangers on his list -- Vicente Padilla, Carlos Lee, and Gary Matthews, Jr.

He has Padilla at $21-24 million over three years, although he suggests that Padilla may be able to match the 3 year, $27 million that Matt Morris got last offseason.

As a point of comparison, he also pegs Ted Lilly at $8 million per year...and I'd much rather have Padilla than Lilly.

Carlos Lee, he puts at 5 years, $70 million, and GMJ he thinks will shock people by getting 4 years, $40 million.

I'd pay Padilla what Donovan is talking about, and definitely let Lee and GMJ walk.

Donovan also says Soriano will crack the $100 million barrier. I feel sorry for whatever team ends up signing him...