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Evan Grant chat session

Evan Grant did a chat session at the DMN website today, which I didn't realize was going to happen (or else I would have submitted a couple of questions)...

Good stuff, though...some highlights...

While I think Frank Thomas is far down the road with Oakland and will likely remain there, you've hit on a general topic that is significant regarding Washington. Players WANT to play for him. Torii Hunter has already gone on the record saying that when he's a free agent (after 2007), he'd like to play for Washington. Washington didn't waste any time in saying he would be a "player's manager'' Monday. In that regard, I expect he will be more of an asset to drawing players to Texas than this organization has seen in a long time.

Not unexpected, but also very nice to hear, and encouraging.

From e-mail: Does the Teixeira for Bonderman deal have any legs and if so, do you think it would be a good one?


Evan Grant: No.


A lot of other interesting items, as well...definitely check it out...