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Padres trade Barfield to the Indians

The San Diego Padres and Cleveland Indians have made a deal, with Josh Barfield, who had a solid rookie season with the Padres in 2006, going to the Cleveland Indians in exchange for Andrew Brown and Kevin Kouzmanoff.

I can't say I'm impressed with San Diego's return...Barfield is similar to Ian Kinsler, although not quite as good (same age and position, though), and I know I'd be pissed if that's all the Rangers got for Kinsler in a deal.

Kouzmanoff, as Rangers fans probably remember, hit a first inning, grand slam homer off of Edinson Volquez in his first major league at bat, hit another homer off of Kevin Millwood the next day, hit his third major league homer a few days later in his fifth major league game, then sort of petered out, going 7 for 36 with just one extra base hit (a double) the rest of the season.

Andrew Brown, meanwhile, is turning into the new Joey Eischen, having been a key part of the Brian Jordan/Odalis Perez trade a few years back, and then the Milton Bradley to L.A. deal on the eve of the 2004 season.

Kouzmanoff and Brown are both interesting, but they are also both the same age as Hank Blalock and have done virtually nothing in the majors yet. I don't see how this makes sense for the Padres.