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Rosenthal with some stuff

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Rosenthal with some more notes...he says the Pads aren't trading Jake Peavy for Manny Ramirez (big shock there), and has this on the Rangers:

No wonder the Rangers covet free-agent left-hander Barry Zito; right-hander Kevin Millwood is currently the only certainty in their rotation, unless you count right-hander Robinson Tejeda as their fifth starter. The team has been aggressive trying to retain free-agent right-hander Vicente Padilla, but faces numerous other issues as well. Free-agent outfielder Kenny Lofton, who turns 40 next May, is a possibility to replace Gary Matthews Jr. in center field.

Rosenthal also says that the Indians would only consider trading Jake Westbrook for an impact reliever...again, sounds like a possible fit for Texas...