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Arbitration decisions -- guys offered, and not offered, arbitration

Today is the day when teams have to either offer or decline to offer arbitration to their free the news comes in on who is offered and who isn't, I'll give the info on guys of interest here...

The D-Backs have offered arbitration to Miguel Batista (Type B), but not Luis Gonzalez (Type A).

The Astros didn't offer arbitration to any of their free agents, the most prominent being Aubrey Huff, Andy Pettitte and Roger Clemens, all Type As.

Update [2006-12-1 22:53:8 by Adam J. Morris]: -- Rangers offer arbitration to Padilla, do not offer it to Barajas or Eric Young.

BoSox offered arbitration to Keith Foulke, did not offer it to Trot Nixon, Mark Loretta, Gabe Kapler, and Doug Mirabelli.

Brewers offer arbitration to Tony Graffanino.

Yankees offer arbitration to Ron Villone, who, I'm guessing, will accept, taking another reliever off the market.

Mets offer arbitration to Roberto Hernandez and Guillermo Mota (again, a sign of the overheating relief pitcher market), do not offer arbitration to Cliff Floyd and Darren Oliver.

Update [2006-12-1 23:24:12 by Adam J. Morris]: -- The Padres offer arbitration to Dave Roberts, Todd Walker, Chan Ho Park and Ryan Klesko, and do not offer arbitration to Mike Piazza.

Chan Ho Park? That seems...odd...

Update [2006-12-2 0:40:40 by Adam J. Morris]: -- Giants offer arbitration to Jason Schmidt, decline arbitration to all other free agents, including Barry Bonds and Steve Finley.

Dodgers offer arbitration to Julio Lugo, do not offer arbitration to Greg Maddux.

A's offer arbitration to Barry Zito, don't offer it to Jay Payton.