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Monday morning things

Again, not a whole lot out there this Monday morning, but the one story is pretty significant...

Richard Durrett is reporting that the Rangers are close to a deal with centerfielder Kenny Lofton on a one year deal, expected to be for $5-6 million.

I touched on this last night, and this isn't that bad. You probably need a defensive replacement for him, someone who can come in in the late innings, since Lofton isn't much of a defensive player out there anymore, but Lofton is as good an option as there is out there, particularly if you are only giving him a one year deal.

I think it puts the Rangers in a situation where Wilkerson, Lofton, Cruz, Cat, and Botts end up splitting time in the outfield slots and DH, with someone like Fab 5 Freddy or a Calvin Murray-type defensive specialist as the 5th outfielder. While I'd like to see Botts locked in as the everyday DH, the reality is that the Rangers aren't going to go into the season relying on Wilkerson, Cruz, and Botts to each play 150 games, so having Cat in the mix, and doing a mix-and-match with those guys until you figure out who you can count on and who you can't, is logical.

Durrett also says that the Rangers, Giants and Indians are the finalists on Eric Gagne, who is looking at a $6 million deal for one year, plus incentives. Still not wild about Gagne, personally.

T.R. Sullivan asks if you would trade Mark Teixeira to the Pirates for Tom Gorzanny and Paul Maholm. I definitely wouldn't, personally, but then, my anti-trading-Teixeira position is well known.