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Site issues and Eric Gagne

First of all, as far as Adam knows, the problems from this morning are a result of some site updates by SportsBlogs. Looks like we're back now though.

In Rangers world, some French-Canadian news sites are reporting that the Rangers have agreed on a one year deal with Eric Gagne for $8 million (and yes it is US dollars) plus incentives. I'm sure we'll hear more on this as the day goes on, but it's certainly a different direction than most expected the Rangers to go, given all of their young, cheap bullpen options. And if this happens, one has to think that we'll be hearing several more Akinori Otsuka rumors.

Update [2006-12-12 13:23:44 by zywica]: And TR Sullivan confirms the deal, one year, $8 million.

Update [2006-12-12 13:57:7 by zywica]: As noted below, Sullivan has updated the same story to adjust Gagne's base salary from $8 million to $6 million, and Ken Rosenthal says that $5 million in incentives could push the deal to $11 million