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Rangers tender four, non-tender one

Richard Durrett blogs that the Rangers have non-tendered righty pitcher Mike Wood...I didn't even realize he was a candidate to be non-tendered, although the Rangers may have already struck a deal with him to sign him to a minor league contract, much like they did with Jovanny Cedeno a few years ago, and non-tendered him so he wouldn't have to pass through waivers and risk getting claimed by another team.

Of course, I'm not sure why Wood would do that...I assume the Rangers simply decided he wasn't worth keeping on the 40 man roster...

As expected, and of more importance, the Rangers tendered contracts to Brad Wilkerson, Akinori Otsuka, Rick Bauer and Joaquin Benoit.

I know there was some speculation that Wilk would be non-tendered, but he'll be back for 2007...