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A couple of Wednesday night items

Looks like the Matsuzaka/Boras/Red Sox/Seibu Lions posting and negotiating saga has come to an end, and a happy one for those involved. What kind of player Matsuzaka is in Major League Baseball is still very much to be seen, and it will be interesting to compare his results to Barry Zito's, given how similar their prices may wind up being, particularly if the Rangers do in fact wind up with Zito.

The Mariners have puzzled us all once more, adding another curious piece to their offseason tally, Jose Vidro, at the price of oft injured Chris Snelling and wild power arm Emiliano Fruto, as well as most of his remaining contract. Apparently, Seattle is looking for Vidro to DH for them. Seattle's offseason is one of those "it could always be worse" reminders.

And one closer-to-home note, after being honored as Greg Williams' nomination for Rangers manager this fall, Rusty Greer will manage next summer in the Texas Collegiate League.