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Sunday a.m. stuff

Jennifer Floyd Engel has a column up, apparently about Mark Teixeira, although it doesn't really make a whole lot of sense, as it starts out thusly:

Mark Teixeira is exactly the type of player good franchises build around, which is why it should surprise nobody the Rangers are frittering him away.

Not at this very moment. Not exactly.


If I didn't know better, I'd assume it was just a mechanism for complaining about the Rangers, Scott Boras (referred to throughout as "Mr. Greedy Gut"), and "A-Fraud."

Phil Rogers discusses the possibility of the ChiSox dealing one of their starting pitchers, mentioning the Rangers as a team that will likely come talking to Chicago if they can't get a deal worked out with Barry Zito.

He also had this line, which caught my eye:

There are arguably only five impact free agents still on the market--Barry Zito, Roger Clemens, Jeff Suppan, David Wells and Jeff Weaver,

Jeff Weaver? Jeff freaking Weaver?

He sucks. Even during his supposed "renaissance" with Dave Duncan and the Cards, he posted an ERA over 5 last year. The guy cleared waivers last season.

How in the world is he an "impact free agent"? The only thing he's going to impact is the payroll of whatever team is foolish enough to give him a Lilly-esque $10 million per year deal.

Another item in the Rogers piece:

Don't be surprised if the Colorado Rockies trade Tavares for a pitcher they can package with shortstop Clint Barmes and another pitcher to get Rocco Baldelli from Tampa Bay. The asking price for Baldelli reportedly is a shortstop and two power arms. That's a lot.

Hmmm...Joaquin Arias, Eric Hurley, and Thomas Diamond for Baldelli? Too much to give up, I believe...

The New York Daily News says that Bud Selig is "seething" over the contract the Giants gave Barry Bonds, and indicates that a lot of execs around baseball think Magowen got taken advantage of.

OT, but I'm watching ESPN right now...and Rachel Nichols is pretty adorable...

Buster Olney sorts major league closers with at least 20 saves last year in order of percentage of 1-2-3 innings they got. Akinori Otsuka was a little below average, and Francisco Cordero was second from last, squeezed between Francisco Rodriguez and Ryan Dempster.

Dan Szymborski offers his thoughts on the Deviled Eggs signing Akinori Iwamura. They are committing about $11.5 million for three years, plus they have a fourth year option, for a guy who projects as a decent, but not great, third baseman (or possibly second baseman).

Compare that to the roughly $46 million the Yanks are committing over five years for Kei Igawa, projected to be no more than a #4 or #5 starter -- or possibly a middle reliever -- in the majors.