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Bert Blyleven, Nolan Ryan, and Reggie Jackson

I wanted to follow up on this post I made about Bert Blyleven and Nolan Ryan, and in particular, respond to a comment made offering a quote from Reggie Jackson.

Here's the quote:

"Ryan's the only guy to put fear in me. You just hoped to mix in a walk so you could have a good night and go 0-for-3." - Reggie Jackson

Jackson, in 81 plate appearances against Ryan, posted a .210/.383/.403 line, with 18 walks, 22 Ks, and 3 homers.

Jackson, in 140 plate appearances against Blyleven, posted a .214/.264/.397 line, with 8 walks, 49 strikeouts, and 6 homers.

Jackson may have feared Ryan more than he feared Blyleven, but he performed a lot better against Ryan than against Blyleven, struck out a lot more frequently against Blyleven than Ryan, and got on base a lot less against Blyleven than Ryan.

Update [2006-12-17 14:19:13 by Adam J. Morris]: -- Just a little more detail...Jackson had at least 50 plate appearances against 50 pitchers. Of those 50 pitchers, he had his highest OPS (1200, .412/.455/.745) against Doyle Alexander, and his lowest OPS (423, .177/.246/.177 ) against Tommy John.

Ryan was 26th on the list, and Blyleven was 38th. Jack Morris, whose support for the HOF by T.R. Sullivan started this whole exercise, was 37th, with a .222/.288/.407 line.