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T.R. talks to Daniels about the winter meetings

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T.R. Sullivan has a piece on the winter meetings, chock full of quotes from Jon Daniels...

Sullivan indicates that the Rangers want to veteran starters that they can slot between Millwood and Tejeda, and are still keeping their eyes and ears open for a short-term solution in centerfield.

That's why Freddy Guzman or Nelson Cruz could be the Rangers' best option in center field next year rather than Kenny Lofton or Steve Finley, although they have had trade discussions concerning both Brian Anderson of the White Sox and Aaron Rowand of the Phillies.

"We've got several internal candidates and had some discussions on trade possibilities," Daniels said. "We don't need to solve that position for the next four or five years right now. It could be there are better options next year or the year after that.

"The answer might not be out there right now, but if we spend our resources in other areas and can fill that spot inexpensively, then that might be a consideration."

In other words, the combination of Zito and Guzman might be more preferable than Gary Matthews Jr. (who recently signed with the Angels) and Vicente Padilla. Another option is to add two lesser starting pitchers to go with Guzman or Cruz, who is being discussed as a center field candidate.

Sullivan also mentions Tim Hudson as a pitcher who is being shopped, although he again mentions Hudson has having several red flags. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution also talks about the Rangers being interested in Hudson.