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Moving Jon Lieber

The Phillies are apparently bent on dealing Jon Lieber for relief help:

The Phillies continue to look for bullpen help, but it hasn't been fruitful.

The Phils thought righthander Jon Lieber might be able to fetch them a competent setup man, but so far nothing has been attractive enough for them to pull the trigger. The Pittsburgh Pirates reportedly rejected a trade that would have involved Mike Gonzalez or Salomon Torres for Lieber. The Minnesota Twins, a team with some bullpen depth, aren't interested.

Amaro said it's unlikely the Phillies will carry six starters into spring training, an indication they think they will be able to get something done. Phillies general manager Pat Gillick often talks about trading from depth. If the Phillies are comfortable enough with Werth's health and ability to rebound, they could move an outfielder to help them acquire a reliever they like.

My guess is that the Rangers end up with Lieber if they can't sign Zito. I'm sure the Rangers would be willing to part with Bauer and/or Benoit to get Lieber, but that's not going to be enough to get a deal done, I don't imagine, and I can't see the Rangers parting with Otsuka for just Lieber.

I wonder if the Rangers might end up sweetening the deal by offering to package, say, Benoit and Scott Feldman, and maybe kick in a 20-30 range prospect as part of the deal. It still isn't a real strong package for the Phillies, but I have to question whether they are really going to get a top-notch setup guy for just Lieber.