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Friday before Christmas things

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Little of note out there this morning...

Kat O'Brien has an item on the Rangers continuing wait for Mark Mulder and Barry Zito to make up their minds...

O'Brien says that the Rangers are hopeful that a decision will come from Mulder in the next few days, and she also says that the decision appears to be down to either Texas or St. Louis.

HOFer Mike Schmidt wrote a piece on the HOF standards, and why they should be relaxed, which I'd recommend folks check out...

T.R. Sullivan has some notes, among which is the news that the Rangers are talking about bringing Jerry Hairston, Jr., back as a utility man. Meh.

Also, I got an email yesterday asking what the record for games finished was, in light of the news on the Eric Gagne contract.

Mike Marshall holds the record, with 84 games finished, in 1979, when he pitched 90 games (all but one in relief) and 142 2/3 innings for the Twins at age 36.

Marshall also finished 83 games for the Dodgers in 1974, a season in which he pitched in 106 games, all in relief, and logged 208 1/3 innings.

No other pitcher has finished as many as 80 games, and if Gagne finishes 66 games (and thus gets all the incentives under his contract), that will tie him for 42nd on the all-time single season games finished list.